Bipartisan Approval

Re-Elect District Judge Tartaglio

tartaglio for chester county judge

tartaglio for chester county judge

"He was elected to this position two times by voters registered as Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. Before casting those votes, they had decided that Thomas Tartaglio was the candidate most qualified to be their District Court Judge. I urge you to cast a vote again this year for Thomas Tartaglio, the District Court Judge candidate who is the most experienced, dedicated, respected, and qualified to serve our community in that role."

Judy L. DiFilippo
Former Tredyffrin Township Supervisor


  • Brenda L. Jones, Esquire

    Dr. Martin Luther King's maxim, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere," greets litigants, great and small, who travel to the East Goshen courthouse where Judge Thomas Tartaglio presides daily. Those who appear before him, whether they are plaintiffs or defendants, officers of the court or pro se litigants, receive thoughtful consideration of their case, knowledgeable application of the law, and eventually, Justice. As a practicing attorney, I recommend Judge Tartaglio for re-election to the office of Magisterial District Judge for District 15-1-02.
  • Albert P. Massey, Jr., Esquire

    A Judicial Officer must not only know the law but apply it fairly, honestly, and impartially. A Judge must be patient and understanding. Judge Tartaglio possesses these fine qualities, and I am honored to support his candidacy for re-election. The District Court is the first, and for most citizens, the only contact one has with the American Judicial System. A District Judge must be knowledgeable, understanding, patient, and impartial. Judge Tartaglio has demonstrated these fine qualities with integrity and dedication. As a witness to his fine character while on the bench many times over his years of service, I am honored to support his candidacy for re-election.
  • Margaret O. Magee President/CEO

    Daemion Counseling Center has long enjoyed a very positive relationship with our local Magisterial District Justices in our mutual commitment to serve the local community.   Tom Tartaglio has continued in that tradition of relying on our counseling services to help first-time youthful offenders.  Feedback from parents and youth indicates that constructive communication improved as a result of counseling.  We applaud Tom's positive approach in addressing the needs of these individuals and our community, and we support his candidacy for re-election to the office of Magisterial District Judge.
  • John F. Anthony, PA District Judge (Retired)

    I am pleased to support the candidacy of Tom Tartaglio for re-election to the office of Magisterial District Judge.  He has the education, experience, and temperament required for the administration of justice as a district judge.  Tom is highly regarded in the community and among his peers and widely respected for his courteous mannerisms and professionalism. 
  • Liz Tankel MSS, LSW

    I am very happy to support Tom Tartaglio's bid for re-election to the office of Magisterial District Judge. Judge Tartaglio sees the "big picture" and presides over the court with an eye toward the safety, health, and well-being of those directly involved with proceedings and for the community as a whole. We are most fortunate to have Judge Tartaglio on the bench, and I feel very grateful for his offer of six more years of service. We are lucky that he has chosen to serve us in this way. 
  • Chet Darlington, PA District Judge (Retired)

    I am proud to support and highly recommend the re-election of Judge Tartaglio. He has the integrity, knowledge, experience, and commitment to serve our community.  I am happy he followed me, serving as Magisterial District Judge. Tom believes in fair and equal justice to all.
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